3 Signs Your Roof Needs Cleaning

A dirty roof might cause more harm to your house than just creating an ugly appearance. Some roof contaminants contain organisms that slowly consume your shingles. Grime and debris can also mask problems inside the roof. Luckily, certain signs can aid you in recognizing when your roof needs cleaning. Here are three indicators that let you know it’s time to wash your roof.

3 Signs Your Roof Needs Cleaning

1. Black Streaks

The black streaks on your roof might be a species of airborne algae called Gloeocapsa magma. They can appear as horizontal streaks or large patches on the sides and edges of the roof. Their protective black coating keeps the organisms safe from the sun. And their favorite food is the limestone inside asphalt shingles.

As the algae flourishes, it weakens the shingles. It can also cause health issues for residents with allergies or respiratory conditions. If you see black streaks on your roof, consider having a roofing expert inspect it. They can determine the source of the streaks and assess your roof’s condition.

2. Moss Growth

Moss can damage your roof and limit its protective abilities. It forms in areas where there’s lots of moisture and little light. Moss also retains water, which seeps into the shingles and attracts mold. If you suspect your roof has moss on it, take action to remove it.

3. Dirt and Debris

You don’t want to leave dirt and debris accumulating on your roof. They can cause roof degeneration, insect infestations, and bacterial growth. Organic debris can also clog gutters and lead to water damage. As these problems build up, they destroy the health of your roof.

Roof cleaning takes lots of resources and can be dangerous if you lack the experience. Consider hiring a professional for the task. At Blue Earth Pressure Washing, we offer various washing services for different sections of your home. If you need an expert to clean your roof, contact us to get a quote today.

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