4 Reasons Why You Should Be Sealing Your Concrete and Stone Surfaces

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of applying a sealer to concrete or stone surfaces. Without sealing concrete or stone, you’ll eventually notice chipping, persistent stains, water damage, and fading over time. Investing in a concrete or stone floor is often not cheap, and if left unprotected, it will cost you more money, time, and unwanted stress in the future.

Here are the top reasons why you should take the extra step of applying sealant after laying concrete or stone flooring:

4 Reasons Why You Should Be Sealing Your Concrete and Stone Surfaces

1. Prevents pollution and contamination

Both cement and natural stones are porous materials, so certain pollutants can easily penetrate your surfaces if left unsealed. Some of these unwanted pollutants and contaminants include:

  • salt
  • water
  • oil stains
  • fungus and mold
  • dirt or grime
  • UV radiation

By sealing your concrete or stone surfaces, you’ll preserve the quality of your floor, and you’ll be able to effortlessly clean pollutants and contaminants.

2. Easily remove stains

Spills happen, and although there isn’t much you can do about the occasional mess, you can ensure that your concrete or stones are adequately protected from food, liquid, and oil stains. Once the stain absorbs into concrete or stone, it can spread inside the material and make cleaning more difficult. The sealant is waterproof, so when you have a mess to clean up, you can simply wipe it off. Moreover, cleaning off a sealed surface isn’t as time-sensitive because the spills won’t be able to soak into your flooring. 

3. Helps to avoid chipping and cracking

The more foot traffic your concrete or stone floors receive, the more likely you’ll start to see some chipping. By applying a protective sealing layer over your beautiful surface, you’ll only chip the sealant layer, which is cheaper to repair than a chipped or cracked concrete or stone floor.

4. Restore the shine of your surface

Over time, you’ll notice your concrete or natural stone floor losing its shine. A fast and affordable option to bring back the polished look of your surface is to apply sealant.

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