Soft-Washing is a process that involves the low-pressure application of cleaning detergents to your home/building’s exterior. These detergents have both surfactants and cleaning agents in them that will stick to the surface, allow the chemical to work into the grime, and rinse off easily… all at low pressure.

Pressure washers are powerful machines and should not be underestimated. Using them improperly can result in permeable damage to your home or property that can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. Also, pressure washing and exterior cleaning will almost always call for the application of cleaning chemicals. This means that the proper knowledge and ability to utilize these cleaning solutions is a vital part of a safe cleaning experience.

There are two important aspects to consider when asking this question. While pressure washing and exterior cleaning will dramatically add bounds to the aesthetic value of your property, our services can also end up saving you money in repairs, add longevity to your surfaces from being properly maintained, and reduce the risk of slips and falls from a surface that can quickly turn into an ice rink if algae and mildew buildup is allowed.

No. Not unless the paint is falling off already. Our technicians are trained to never use high pressure on homes. Sometimes, we will adjust the pressure on our machines to be able to give a more thorough cleaning, but what you’ll find across the board is that most of our homes are cleaned using a “soft washing” method that basically uses the application of algicides and degreasers to softly kill/lift the debris film from the surface so that it can lift off easily with just a thorough rinse. There is a lot more that goes into this process, but to keep it simple, we rely heavily on the cleaning technology we use rather than the pressure we use.

Besides a roof cleaning dramatically increasing curb appeal and home value, cleaning your roof is something that must be done to maintain the longevity of the roof’s life. Many times, insurance claims for roof replacements can be denied because a roof had not been properly maintained throughout its lifetime. Roofing manufacturers’ instructions often include that roofs must be cleaned periodically to keep the roof under the manufacturer’s warranty. Keeping tabs on your own property and making sure that the roof is being taken care of with cleanings every 5 years will ensure that you are able to enjoy the full duration of your roof’s life.

No. The method that we use for roof cleaning and other sensitive surfaces is called “soft washing” and it is essentially the application of chemicals and detergents across the surface that will kill and clean all of the algae/mold spores from your roof. We will then do a thorough rinsing of this chemical wash residue.

Because every property and project is different, there are different variables involved in our estimate process and each one takes a different amount of time. For residential properties, we promise a 24 hour turnaround time no matter what. For commercial properties, most can be quoted in that same time frame, but if it’s a very large project like stadiums or multistory building washes, we ask for a few days’ time to work out the best price.

We can get you a service date the same day that we quote your project, but the turnaround time on completing the service could be anywhere from 24 hrs. to a week. However, because we sincerely care about our customers’ needs, we will do our best job to accommodate for special occasions or emergencies. Our scheduling is adapted to every customer and our invoices are easy to manage through email or directly to your phone through a text.